TF(Tengfei) Screw water chiller

Industrial Screw Water cooled chiller/ Air cooled chiller

1.Eurostars water cooled water chiller general introduction

a)Low Noise

b)High Efficient and Energy Saving

c)Easy Operation and Installation

d)Compact Exterior

e)High quality

f)Competitive price

2. Superior performance and stability

Using high-quality imported twin-screw compressors, the moving parts are only 1/10 of the reciprocating compressor, and the vibration is only 1/5 of the reciprocating compressor. Radial and axial use of high-precision German FAG and Swedish SKF bearing combination, combined with axial thrust balancing drum, effectively balance axial load, failure rate is only 1/10 of reciprocating compressor, plus world brand control The components ensure that the screw chiller can operate safely and stably for a long time.

3.High efficient and easy operation

The use of a more efficient screw compressor than a reciprocating compressor combined with a highly efficient heat exchanger makes the water-cooled screw industrial chiller highly adaptable and highly efficient.

4. Flexible choice

The chiller is a flexible combination of various compressors, which can provide a variety of models and different cooling capacity for you to choose, to meet the required cooling capacity of the chiller. At the same time, we can flexibly customize according to your non-standard requirements.

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