Industrial water-cooled water chiller, refrigeration, cooling tower

Industrial Water-cooled chiller is the use of shell and tube evaporator water heat exchange with the refrigerant, refrigerant system in the absorption of heat load in the water, the water cooling, through the role of the compressor after cold water will heat generated to shell and tube condenser, heat exchange by refrigerant and water, the water absorption heat through heat pipes will be out of the external cooling tower after loss (water cooling)

TF-Chiller offer an assortment of water cooled chillers that suit a broad assortment of industries. Water cooled chillers and water cooling chiller systems absorb heat from process water and move it to another water supply like a cooling tower, river, pond, etc.. Industrial water cooled liquid chillers are usually used for large capacity applications, where the heat generated by air cooled chillers creates an issue. They're also considered when a cooling tower is already in place, or where the client demands optimum efficiency of electricity consumption. Water cooled chillers need condenser water treatment to remove mineral buildup. Mineral deposits create poor heat transfer scenarios, that decrease the efficiency of this device.