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Several key knowledge of screw chiller selection

Several key knowledge of screw chiller selection

  • Monday, 07 September 2020
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Commercial Air & Water Cooled Chillers /industrial water chiller

In industrial production, mechanical equipment will generate heat during operation. If this heat cannot be dissipated in time, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and the quality and production efficiency of the product. Another situation is that the processed product needs to reach a certain temperature during processing in order to be processed normally or achieve a higher qualification rate and production efficiency. Then the temperature of the processed product must reach the ideal temperature before or during processing. At this time, the chiller is on the scene.

1. Cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the water chiller is directly related to the normal use of production equipment and operating efficiency. If the cooling capacity is too small, the ideal cooling effect cannot be achieved. In the light, the production efficiency will be reduced and the operating energy consumption will increase. Normal operation until the production line is shut down. However, if the selection is too large, energy will be wasted and the operating cost will also increase. Furthermore, the greater the cooling capacity of the chiller, the higher the price of the chiller. Therefore, the matching cooling capacity is very important.

2.Second, the amount of frozen water

The amount of chilled water is the ice water cooled by the chiller, which directly acts on the part being cooled, but because of its water flow, it will directly affect the heat exchange effect. This flow is based on the material, density and heat transfer ratio of the part being cooled Calculated, and some equipment has explicit requirements for the cooling flow, because the amount of water is not enough to be cooled. Therefore, the water flow is directly related to the operation of the chiller and the cooling effect of the production equipment.

3. The temperature of import and export

When the production equipment or raw materials are in production and need to be cooled, there will be a temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the pipeline connecting the chiller and the production equipment. This temperature difference is the actual heat generated by the production equipment, so that it can be quite accurate Calculation and selection of chillers.

4. Understand the volume, weight, specific heat, and density of the cooled equipment part or production and processing materials.

This can quickly and effectively calculate the required cooling capacity of the chiller. At the same time, note the time required for the initial temperature of the cooled material to drop to the target temperature, which is also a way to calculate the refrigeration capacity. There is also a clear knowledge of the highest and lowest temperature that the production equipment or materials need or can withstand, so as not to affect the equipment or materials.

Five, what is the cooling medium

The cooling medium generally includes: tap water, glycol solution, grease, sea water, food and beverage, etc.

6. Which air-cooled or water-cooled type do users want?

Although both air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are chillers, the cooling method of the unit itself is different, so the installation method is also different. The air-cooled type is more convenient. It can be operated by connecting the water pipe and the power supply, but the cooling effect is slightly worse than that of the water-cooled chiller, because the cooling method of the air-cooled chiller is air, and the air is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. The group installation location also needs to leave space around the chiller.

Water-cooled chillers are called water-cooled because they use water for their own cooling. Water-cooled chillers need to be installed with a cooling tower to cool the unit. In piping engineering, there are two more water pipes than air-cooled chillers, but water-cooled chillers The effect of the machine is much better than that of air-cooled, and it can even be a smaller model than air-cooled in the selection. Therefore, under the installation conditions, most users will choose water-cooled chillers.

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