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Four characteristics of water-cooled chillers

Four characteristics of water-cooled chillers

  • Tuesday, 15 December 2020
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Industrial chillers are also called refrigeration units, refrigeration units, industrial chillers, chillers, chillers, etc.

Because the application in various fields is more common, so there are too many names. The basic principle of the characteristics of a water-cooled chiller is an intelligent device that removes liquid vapor according to a shrinking or heat absorption heat pump refrigeration cycle. Now, let me briefly talk about the four characteristics of water-cooled chillers.

 Industrial chiller

Tengfei industrial water-cooled chiller

Feature One

1. The installation of water-cooled industrial chillers is very easy and convenient to move. It is suitable for places where water resources are scarce to avoid installing cooling towers.

2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling effect, smooth throttle valve organization, and excellent anti-rust treatment.

3. Use the refrigeration compressors imported from Europe and America with excellent performance, high EER value, low noise and stable operation.


Feature two

1. Intelligent control panel, full mechanical automation, equipped with high-precision electric temperature control panel, can operate stably for a long time.

2. The use of high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchanger has less cooling capacity damage, easy to pump oil, and the heat transfer tube will not produce the advantage of freezing and breaking.

3. Use imported Japanese and American refrigeration compressors with excellent performance, high EER value, low noise and stable operation.


Feature Three

The ultra-low temperature chiller is a special-purpose chiller designed for the unique ultra-low temperature natural environment. Its powerful cooling capacity is for the preservation of vegetables in hotels, hotels, shopping malls and other commercial service venues, large and medium-sized cold storage meat foods, and seafood Various ultra-low temperature natural environments such as quick freezing, freezing, ice making industry, food industry refrigeration/freezing, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical plants have shown reliable guarantees.

1. The product variety is complete, including high temperature (water outlet temperature -5°C), medium temperature (water outlet temperature -10°C), and ultra-low temperature (water outlet temperature -15°C).

2. The height-to-width ratio of the structure is improved, and the heat exchanger plate is selected to support the human body. The structure is simple and compact and easy to use.

3. The sound composition of high-quality screw compressor + highest-quality high-efficiency heat exchanger, with an energy efficiency rating of 4.5.

4. Four-stage or stepless volume control, coordinated with the load change.


Industrial chiller

Feature four

The water-cooled industrial chiller has a small body size and a large air-conditioning refrigeration capacity. It uses imported refrigeration compressors from the world. The ultra-low temperature characteristics are extraordinary, reliable and durable. The products are designed according to the characteristics of industrial production and use, with embedded ultra-low temperature circulating pumps and stainless steel plate refrigerated water storage tanks. The application is extremely convenient. All the raw materials that come into contact with water are made of corrosion-resistant raw materials, and the copper coil evaporator reasonably avoids rust and erosion. The intelligent LED total control panel has temperature display information, set temperature, and automatically adjust ice water. The temperature and refrigeration compressor is used for maintenance during the time. It adopts AC contactors, automobile relays and other electrical components. It is equipped with sound indicator lights and power switches. The actual operation is clear at a glance. The water level line indicator and alarm system are embedded with electronic devices. Automatic alarm, the actual operating staff can grasp the water level status of the frozen water storage tank according to the operation panel, immediately replenish water and moisturize, the unique control module design scheme, the system of each refrigeration compressor is optimized separately, even if a system software has problems, It is not easy to harm the normal work of other system software.

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