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14 Frequently Asked Questions of Industrial Chiller (with detailed answers)

14 Frequently Asked Questions of Industrial Chiller (with detailed answers)

  • Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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Use industrial chiller, so more or less there will always be problems, how to correctly solve the problem, this is the key, the following is a collection of 14 kinds of questions.

1. What is the reason for the difference between the evaporation temperature of the screw chiller and the outlet temperature of the cold water?

Answer: a) the temperature is too high (failure of capillary or throttle valve) b) the cooling effect of condenser is not good c) the refrigerant quantity in the refrigeration system is too small.

2. What will happen if there is more refrigerant in water cooled screw chiller? Running for a period of time will appear high pressure or low pressure, fault shutdown.

A: if the refrigerant is too much and the high pressure is too high, the unit will alarm and cannot operate normally, or even the compressor will be overloaded. Too little refrigerant, low pressure is too low, the compressor is idling without medium. Can damage compressor life. Operating current and power are greater than normal.

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3. How to select cooling water tower in water-cooled screw chiller?

Answer: It is mainly the problem that considers water flow.

  W=Q/c* 温差.times the temperature difference.

Wherein: W- cooling water flow (Kg)

Q-- 1.3 times the cooling capacity of the refrigeration host.

The absorption is 2.5 times. (KW)

C minus the specific heat of water. 4.186 kJ/kg * degrees

Temperature difference - temperature difference between inlet and outlet of cooling water

Take 4-5 degrees for the compression refrigerator

4. Where does the water cooled screw water chiller come out of the frozen water and cooling water?

A: The one that receives the water tower is the condenser, and the water circulating there is cooling water. The evaporator out of the frozen water, generally do the insulation, and the evaporator in the top of the condenser, the evaporator is thicker than the condenser.

5. What is the reason for the low difference between high and low pressure display of screw chiller?

Answer: when the external temperature is very low, the temperature difference between the refrigerant water and the cooling water of the half sealing screw is small, leading to the pressure difference between inspiration and exhaust, and the problem of too low difference between high and low pressure will appear.

6, screw chiller, new start, normal operation and a half hours, uninstall downtime, pressure, static pressure 6 kg, start again, low voltage protection, static pressure 4 kg after downtime, start again, still low voltage protection, downtime static pressure 2 kg, water system operating normally, the Angle valves are open, filter did not block expansion valve also changed?

A: Is the high pressure high? Under normal circumstances; The compressor is not open, the high and low pressure tend to balance, if the high pressure is not high, or low; There's definitely less fluorine. Where there is leakage of fluorine, a pressure leakage, not pressure can not be seen, micro leakage. Also, the circulating water valve of the high pressure heat exchange is turned down to see if the high pressure can bring the low pressure a little higher. If the high pressure is high, between the high pressure and the low pressure, the general chiller will design a Unicom solenoid valve, and the start moment is briefly opened. You can look it up. In the case you say, nine times out of ten, there is leakage of fluoride.

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7, if it is 160 grams of injection molding machine, how many tons of industrial water cooler is needed?

A: see you how many machine, of course, only one or two units at oneself do a simple can also be used, there are a few machine I suggest you buy a 40 tons of water tower, so plan for later, maybe in the future we need to increase the equipment trouble again, how much more bigger water tower is the how many money, 40 tons of water tower within 10 injection molding machine. Hope to help you.

8, summer tropical fish die how to do?

Answer: summer temperature is too high sometimes fish tank water temperature more than 32 degrees some lampfamily fish will die for example: can buy industrial water chiller, as long as the sale price of thousands of yuan.

9. Does industrial chiller belong to static equipment or dynamic equipment?

Answer: the equipment is divided into moving equipment, static equipment.

Dynamic equipment refers to the rotating equipment driven by a driving machine, such as pumps, compressors, fans, motors, molding machines, packaging machines, mixers and so on; Static equipment mainly refers to furnaces, towers, reaction equipment, storage tanks, heat exchange equipment, etc. Among them, special air coolers and so on, air cooling fans need to be managed by pressing equipment, and air cooling tube bundles are managed by static equipment.

There are pumps, compressors, fans, motors and other components in the industrial chiller, so the industrial chiller is a dynamic equipment

10, industrial water chiller without water tower cooling, direct use of pool cooling will have an impact? What kind of cooling should you use?

Answer: generally water-cooled chillers need not cooling tower will certainly influence the refrigeration effect, influence degree depends on what you are used to do, which is used in industry, in fact, if there are about 20 square pool for 8 horse industrial cold water machine the effect is almost, if because geography is not good for cooling tower, you can choose air-cooled, air-cooled water-cooled long life is a little, and easy installation.

Following picture is 8RT chiller


11. The functions of industrial chiller on plastic processing industry are:

A: Industrial chiller used in plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce plastic products surface marks and internal stress, so that the products do not shrink, do not deformation, easy to demoulding of plastic products, accelerate product finalization, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine;

B, industrial chiller is used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, SS-2ESY processing center, combination machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling, can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of machine tools, improve the processing accuracy of machine tools.

12. When purchasing industrial water chiller, the water resistance is required to be 0.20MPa. What does it mean?

Answer: outlet 2 kg pressure, can be understood in this way.

13. What is the solution to the high temperature of the backwater of the industrial chiller?

A: My chiller is used for cooling in the mold of the injection molding machine. However, the temperature of the mold is too high and the temperature of the backwater is also high, which makes the compressor of the chiller work non-stop and the water temperature is always between 26° and 28°.

Cooling capacity is small, if the temperature can be controlled in this temperature is OK, the compressor continues to work without a problem.

14. Can screw type water cooled chillers be used for heating in winter?

Answer: if it is a screw type heat pump unit, it can be used if it is single cold.

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